Neck Liners for Binzel, Nu-Tec & TBI Pull Mig Guns
PE/Brass 125N0018 / 120.0018 (.024"-.035",0.6mm-0.9mm)
PE/Brass 125N0041 / 120.0041 (.045"-.062",1.2mm-1.6mm)
Teflon 125N9001 / 125.9001 (.024"-.030",0.6mm-0.8mm)
Teflon 125N0012 / 125.0012 (.035"-.045",0.9mm-1.2mm)
Teflon 125N9003 / 125.9003 (.052"-.062",1.4mm-1.6mm)
181P001130 (.024"-.035",0.6mm-0.9mm)
181P001131 (.040"-.045", 1.0-1.2mm) 
181P001132 (.052"-.062", 1.4-1.6mm)
Neck Liners for Binzel & Nu-Tec PullMig Guns
Neck Liners for Binzel & Nu-Tec PullMig Guns
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Product Description

Premium quality pull MIG neck liners 125N0018 / 120.0018 & 125N0041 / 120.0041 for Binzel®, Nu-Tec® & TBI® guns. The neck liner guides the welding wire from the drive rolls in the feed head of the PullMig welding gun to the contact tip. Select the liner, by wire size, for your application from the drop down list below.

These Neck Liners fit both the air cooled and water cooled PullMigs.