Dynaflux 600 Chem-Sharp Tungsten Sharpening Pointing Powder (4.5 oz)

Dynaflus 600 Chem-Sharp tungsten sharpening pointing powder sharpens Tungstens without Grinding, Splintering, Flat Spots or Ridges. Points Tungsten electrodes using the Tig torch as a heat source.

Proceedure: Extend Tungsten stick out approx. 1" beyond the shield cup. Short out Tungsten against grounded work piece until it glows cherry red about 3/8" up from the tip. Quickly immerse the heated Tungsten approximately 1/4" deep into the powder, repeatedly, until the desired point is formed.

5 oz. (142gr.) Jar contains enough for up to 500 sharpenings.

600 Dynaflux Chem-Sharp Tungsten Sharpening Pointing Powder (4.5 oz)
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