Nu-Tec® Mig Guns & Consumables
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Nu-Tec® Mig Guns & Consumables
Nu-Tec® Mig Guns & Consumables
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Product Description

Select from our full offering of Nu-Tec® hand-held, automatic, robotic, fume extraction, push-pull and spoolgun MIG guns & consumable parts.

Binzel & Nu-Tec MIG Guns & Torches for ALL Welding Systems
Binzel® Style Mig Guns By Nu-Tec® are available in series #13, #14, #14K, #15, #23, #24, #M25, #26, #36 & #38 air-cooled and #240, #401 & #501 water-cooled.

All consumable parts are premium quality and interchangeable with many "Binzel® Style" mig guns supplied on welders from Astro®, Cebora®, CEM®, Century®, Clarke®, Cormwell®, DAN-MIG, Daytona®, Esab®, HTP®, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Miller®, Schumacher®, Sip®, Snap On, Solar® and others.

WeldingDirect offers a full selection of direct-connects for many of these machines. Please review the selection lists or call our toll-free number 866-568-3170 to inquirer.
Binzel & Nu-Tec MIG Gun Parts & Torch Consumables
Binzel® & TBI® style parts by Nu-Tec® listed are CNC manufactured to precise tolerances and inspected to meet our high standards for fit, finish and performance.

Interchangeable & compatible with Cebora®, CEM®, Century®, Clarke®, Chicago Electric®, Cormwell®, Dan-Mig®, Daytona®, Esab®, HTP®, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Miller®, Nu-Tecsys®, Schumacher®, Sip®, Snap On, Solar® and other machine torches.

If you require a part not found on our lists be sure to contact us and request a quotation.
MIG Guns Fume Extraction Binzel® / Nu-Tec® / TBI® Style
Fume extraction mig welding guns from Nu-Tec systems are compact, light-weight torches that "feel" like a standard mig gun but are designed to contain hazardous fumes AT THE SOURCE that are produced when welding materials such as galvanized or stainless steel.

These high performance, light weight, fume extraction or smoke removal mig guns are designed with the welders safety and comfort in mind. Special features include: Ergonomic handle with maximum air flow capacity, "sealed" trigger for long-life, adjustable suction ring to control vacuum draw, direct machine connect suction hose & power cable assembly.

Small head dimensions make these guns ideal for use in confined spaces. Ease of service and standarized replacement parts reduces maintenance and down time.

Compatible with industrial vacuum systems with minimum 70CFM @ maximum static pressure and minimum 225CFM open air flow rating.
MIG Spool Guns, Push-Pull Guns & Consumable Parts
Select from complete offering of Spool Guns and Push-Pull Guns for all of your extended welding applications. Systems offer solutions for soft wires (aluminum), pulse feeds and extended run lengths from power source.
Robotic Mig Guns Binzel® / Nu-Tec® / TBI® Style
We offer Original Binzel® / Nu-Tec® / TBI® / Bernard® & Tweco® Style Robotic Torches For current pricing and availibility, contact us with your specifications and requirements. Send e-mail to;, or send a Fax to 847-662-9019.