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Nu-Tec® Mig Guns & Consumables
Automatic & Robotic
Fume Extraction & Smoke Removal
Push-Pull & Spool Gun 
Nu-Tec® Mig Guns & Consumables
Nu-Tec® Mig Guns & Consumables
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Product Description

Select from our full offering of Nu-Tec® hand-held, automatic, robotic, fume extraction, push-pull and spoolgun MIG guns & consumable parts.

Nu-Tec & Binzel MIG Guns & Torches for ALL Welding Systems
Binzel® Style Mig Guns By Nu-Tec® are available in series #13, #14, #14K, #15, #23, #24, #M25, #26, #36 & #38 air-cooled and #240, #401 & #501 water-cooled.

All consumable parts are premium quality and interchangeable with many "Binzel® Style" mig guns supplied on welders from Astro®, Cebora®, CEM®, Century®, Clarke®, Cormwell®, DAN-MIG, Daytona®, Esab®, HTP®, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Miller®, Schumacher®, Sip®, Snap On, Solar® and others.

WeldingDirect offers a full selection of direct-connects for many of these machines. Please review the selection lists or send email with questions to admin@weldingdirect.com .
Nu-Tec & Binzel MIG Gun Parts & Torch Consumables
Binzel® & TBI® style parts by Nu-Tec® listed are CNC manufactured to precise tolerances and inspected to meet our high standards for fit, finish and performance.

Interchangeable & compatible with Cebora®, CEM®, Century®, Clarke®, Chicago Electric®, Cormwell®, Dan-Mig®, Daytona®, Esab®, HTP®, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Miller®, Nu-Tecsys®, Schumacher®, Sip®, Snap On, Solar® and other machine torches.

If you require a part not found on our lists be sure to contact us and request a quotation.
Select from complete offering of Spool Guns and Push-Pull Guns for all of your extended welding applications. Systems offer solutions for soft wires (aluminum), pulse feeds and extended run lengths from power source.
Robotic Mig Guns Binzel® / Nu-Tec® / TBI® Style
We offer Original Binzel® / Nu-Tec® / TBI® / Bernard® & Tweco® Style Robotic Torches For current pricing and availibility, contact us with your specifications and requirements. Send e-mail to; sales@weldingdirect.com, or send a Fax to 847-662-9019.