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Cemont® / CEM® Welding Torches
Cemont® / CEM® Welding & Plasma Torches and Consumable Replacement Parts
Item# CEM

Product Description

Complete selection of CEM® style Mig guns sold by Chicago Electric® / Harbor Freight® and others.

Cross Reference:

CEMONT 90055283 = TM08-24 (8.5')


CEMONT WMT2-15 A = NM15 Euro

CEMONT 16880 = NM15 CEM Plug (1-Trigger Lead)

CEMONT WMT2-25 A = NM25 Euro

CEMONT WMT2-36 A = NM36 Euro

CEMONT WMT2-500 W /WL = NM501 Euro

PLASMACEM-25 + NPT3R Plasma torch

Nu-Tec & Binzel Contact Tips 073 Series M6 CU (25mm Length)
Premium quality M6 CU 073 series Binzel & Nu-Tec contact tips fit #13, #14, #15, #23, #24 MIG guns on selected Miller®, Auto-Arc®, Chicago Electric®, CEM®, Century®, Dan-Mig®, DaytonaMig®, Eastwood®, HTP®, Klutch®, Lincoln®, Marquette®, Northern Tool®, PowerArc®, ProSpot®, Schumacher®, Sip®, Snap-on®, Solar® and many other MIG welders.
CEM 90055283 Cemont MIG Gun (8.5')
Replacement gun with Tweco® style consumables for Cemont® mig welding systems.
MIG Gun Cemont CEM 16880 Replacement (10')
Premium quality direct connect CEM® style replacement Mig gun rated to 180 amps.
Tweco MiniMig Gas Valve In Handle MIG Guns (8')
Tweco® MiniMig style replacement MIG guns for ATD®, Astro®, Cemont®, Clarke® Campbell-Hausfeld®, Chicago-Electric®, Central Purchasing®, Craftsman®, Firepower®, Helvi®, Matco®, Sears®, Schumacher®, PowerArc®, Westward® and others.
Tweco #1 & Lincoln Magnum 100L Style Replacement MIG Guns (10')
Tweco® #1 & Lincoln® Magnum 100L style replacement MIG guns for all welding machines to 200 amps.
MIG Gun Nu-Tec NM14K For Import MIG Welders (10')
14K compact mig gun found on Astro®, CEM®, Cemont®, Chicago Electric®, DaytonaMig®, K-ARC®, Schumacher® Turbo & EZ-Flux, Sip®, Solar® and other systems has been replaced with upgraded versions featuring heavy-duty AK15 neck and components.
MIG Gun Nu-Tec NM15 & Binzel MB15AK Style
Nu-Tec® / Binzel® #15 Replacement MIG gun for Cebora®, CEM®, Century®, Chicago Electric®, Clarke®, Cormwell®, Dan-Mig Esab®, HTP, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Migatronic® Multimotive,, Miller®, Schumacher®, Sip®, Solar® and other imported MIG welders.
MIG Gun Nu-Tec NM25 & Binzel MB25AK Style
Nu-Tecsys® NM25 MIG gun is direct replacement for Binzel®, Cebora®, Century®, Clarke®, Cornwell®, Daytona®, Esab®, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Miller®, Schumacher®, Sip®, Solar®, Snap On and other 250 amp MIG welders.
MIG Gun "Flex-Neck" Nu-Tec® NM25 & Binzel® MB25AK Style
The Nu-Tec "Flex-Neck" MIG gun offer 220-degree flexibility making it the most versatile MIG gun for welding in confined areas. Great for auto body and exhaust system work.
MIG Gun Nu-Tec® NM36 & Binzel® MB36AK Style
Industrial duty 360-amp MIG gun with one-piece brass neck and taper-mount nozzle offers superior cooling and extended performance life.
Chicago Electric® / CEM® / Cemont®  Mig Plug
Mig adaptor plug for Chicago Electric® / CEM® / Cemont® welding systems.
Nu-Tecsys® NPT3R Plasma Torch & Parts
The NPT3R style (PSB31) PUSH-TO-START torch is original equipment on pre-1996 plasma cutting systems from NuTecsys®, CEM® PlamaCEM 25, Chicago Electric®, Clarke®, DaytonaMIG®, DAN-MIG, HTP®, SIP® 25/35 & Schumacher® Turbo 35.