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Nu-Tec® NM14 MIG Gun (160 Amp)
MIG Gun Nu-Tec NM14K For Import MIG Welders (10')
MIG Gun Nu-Tec NM14K For Import MIG Welders (10')
Item# NM14

Product Description

MIG Gun Nu-Tec NM14K For Import MIG Welders (10')
Nu-Tec® NM14K replacement MIG gun featured an M5 tip & srew-on nozzle for light duty MIG welders sold under Astro®, Cemont® TM141T, CEM®, Chicago Electric®, DaytonaMig®, K-ARC®, Schumacher® Turbo & EZ-Flux, Sip®, Solar® and other import welding systems.

The NM14K MIG gun has been replaced with upgraded versions featuring heavy-duty AK15 neck and components.

Clarke & Astro Replacement MIG Gun Gas & No-Gas (8')
Direct replacement NM14K Binzel® / Nu-Tec® style mig gun for Clarke® 100E and other import welding systems.
Schumacher & SIP Handymate Flux-Cored (Gasless) MIG Gun (8')
'NO GAS'(Flux-Cored Wire) MIG gun for Schumacher® & SIP® Handymate 06500 and and many other imported models.
Schumacher Replacement MIG Guns For & SIP Welders (8')
Replacement gun for Sip® Handymig 06502 & Migmate Turbo 105 / 130 / 150, Schumacher® 90775 EasyFlux and other import welding systems.
Schumacher & SIP MigMate 100 &160 Replacement MIG Gun (10')
SIP® MigMate 100 Schumacher® replacement MIG gun with SINGLE trigger.
Contact Tips Nu-Tec & Binzel 007 Series M5 CU (18mm Length)
Premium quality M5 CU 007 series Binzel & Nu-Tec contact tips fit compact 14K MIG guns on selected CEM®, DaytonaMig®, HTP®, PowerArc®, Schumacher®, Sip®, Solar® and other imported MIG welders.
MIG Nozzles Nu-Tec & Binzel 14K Style
Premium Quality gas nozzles for Nu-Tec® 14K style guns on Astro®, Century®, Chicago Electric®, Clarke® 100E, DaytonaMig®, HTP®, Marquette®, SIP®, Schumacher® and many other portable welding guns.