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TIG - Tungsten Electrodes & Grinders, Filler Rods & Ovens
All TIG Filler Rods in 36" Cut Lengths
TIG Tungsten Electrodes, Filler Rods, Grinders & Rod Ovens
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Broad Assortment of Wire and Electrodes with ground finish. Multiple sizes and packages, all of our wire and rods conform to highest standards for quality, performance and finish.

TIG Welding Tungsten Electrode Rods AWS / ANSI Certified
Select from Welding Direct's complete offering of TIG Welding Tungsten Electrode Rods.
TIG Welding Filler Rods (36" Lengths)
Premium Tig Filler Wire 70S-6 Mild Steel, 308L Stainless Steel or 4043 & 5356 Aluminum in 36" lengths.
TIG Tungsten Electrode Grinders & Pointing Powder
Premium quality electrode grinders feature solid steel construction, fully enclosed diamond embedded grinding wheels and easy angle adjustment.
Lenco® Rod Ovens For Stick / MMA Electrode Welding
Electrode storage ovens prevent moisture contamination to electrodes and keep them in prime condition.
MIG Welding Wire, ER70S-6 Mild Steel 4" & 8" Spools
Premium grade ER70S-6 all position mild steel welding wire available in 4"& 8" spools.
MIG Welding Wire, E71T-GS Flux-Cored 4" & 8" Spools
Premium grade E71T-GS all position flux-cored welding wire available in 4" & 8" spools.
MIG Welding Wire, ER4043 Aluminum 4" & 8" Spools
Premium grade ER4043 Aluminum alloy welding wire available in 4"& 8" spools.
MIG Welding Wire, ER5356 Aluminum 4" & 8" Spools
AWS CLASS ER5356 premium grade aluminum alloy welding wire is used automotive and industrial applications where high weld strength and ductility is required.
Mig Welding Wire, ER308L Stainless Steel 4" & 8" Spools
AWS CLASS ER308L premium grade all position MIG stainless steel wire available in 4" & 8" spools.
MIG Welding Wire Output Amperage & Selection Chart
Select the correct type and size of MIG welding wire to meet your machine power and application.
TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes Technical Properties
Tungsten electrode selection parameters based on international color codes and ANSI/AWS & European ISO 6848 standards for quality and performance.