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Astro® Plasma & Mig Welding Torches
Astro® Welding & Plasma Torches and Consumable Replacement Parts
Item# Astro

Product Description

Click on links to interchangeable Cebora® plasma and Binzel mig style torches supplied on original Astro® machines.

Cebora 1527 Replacement MIG Gun For Import Welders (8.5')
Replacement MIG welding torch 1527 Cebora® style on Snap-on MIG110 & MB120A, Astro®, Daytona Pocketmig 883, Daytona Pocket Turbo 886, Century® 334-633-000, Marquette® M15591, Matco® WFW12179 and Napa® 83-363, 83-317 and Snap-on MIG110 & MB120A MIG welders.
Astro Power MIG 110 & 130 MIG Welding Gun (8.5')
Astro® Power MIG 130 style replacement MIG welding gun 8.5' cable length..
Cebora 140A MIG Welding Gun 848 (8.5')
Replacement MIG 140 welding gun for Astro®, Cebora®, DaytonaMig and Pocket MIG welders.
MIG Welder 130 Amp by MAG-Power® (115VAC)
Portable 115-volt MG138 MIG welder compare to Astro®:, Chicago Electric®, Clarke®, DaytonaMig, HTP®, Harbor Freight®, Firepower®, Northern Tool®, Schumacher® and Sears®
Cebora P30 Plasma Torch Parts & Consumables (Astro)
Premium quality replacement parts for Cebora® P30 plasma torches on selected Astro® 250 / 300 / 450 / 450M / 475, Cebora® 895 Pocket Plasma 25, Centurty®, Chicago Electric® PI-35, Solar®, DaytonaMig 920, Harbor Freight®, Mac Tools® PCS200 and other portable cutting systems.
Cebora P50 Plasma Torch Parts & Consumables (Astro)
Consumable parts for Cebora® P50 plasma torches on PROF 35 & PROF 50 power supplies sold as Astro® 500, Centurty® 20-40, Solar® 20-40, DaytonaMig P35/P50, Henning Hanson 2004 & 2005, Chicago Electric® and other brands.