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36" Cut Lengths / Welding Filler Wire
ER70S-6 Mild Steel, ER308L Stainless Steel or ER4043 & ER5356 Aluminum
Available in 1 Lb. and 10 Lb. Cartons
TIG Welding Filler Rods (36" Lengths)
Choose the filler wire for your application from the lists below. Other materials, special packaging and larger volume prices are available on request.

ER70S6 TIG Filler Rods Mild Steel 1/16" - 1/8"
ER70S6 carbon steel filler rod is the most popular alloy for mild steel applications and suitable for general welds even with poor fit-up, oils or rust in automotive, sheet metal or construction work.
ER308L Stainless Steel TIG Filler Rods (1 Lb. Tube)
ER308L Stainless Steel filler rod is suitable for general stainless steel welding applications of all type 304, 304L, 308, 308L, 312 and 347 materials. Cut lengths are 36" long.
ER4043 Aluminum TIG Filler Rods (1 Lb. Tube)
Premium quality ER4043 TIG filler rods are a good general purpose aluminum filler with silicone additives for improved flow and reduced cracking. Bright weld finish.
ER5356 Aluminum TIG Filler Rods (1 Lb. tube)
Premium quality ER5356 aluminum filler rods are a good general purpose filler with higher shear strength than 4043 and better resistance to corrosion. Recommended for use with series 5000 aluminum.
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