Tregaskiss® Style Mig Guns & Consuamble Replacement Parts
Tregaskiss® Mig Guns & Consumable Parts
Select from a complete offering of Tregaskiss® style Mig guns & consumable torch parts.

All items are made of superior quality materials and either meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer's specifications.

WeldingDirect.Com has been THE on-line source for quality welding and plasma cutting equipment since 1998 with export experience all over the world.

403 Series Tregaskiss Contact Tips
Select your choice of Standard, Heavy-Duty, Tapered or Heavy-Duty Tapered Tregaskiss® 403 series contact tips.
Retaining Heads, Diffusers & Shock Washers - Tregaskiss Style
Replacement retaining heads, diffusers & shock washers for Tregaskiss® style mig guns 200-500 amps.
Tregaskiss Style MIG Nozzles from WeldingDirect.Com
Regular and heavy-duty nozzles for your Tregaskiss® mig gun. These swagged heavy wall copper nozzles are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
Tregaskiss Replacement GooseNecks
Tregaskiss® style replacement goosenecks.
Wire Condiut Liners - Tregaskiss Style
Steel conduit liners for Tregaskiss® 130 - 600 amp, Mig welding guns.