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Cebora® Welding and Plasma Cutting Machines & Consumables
Cebora® Welding & Plasma Torches & Consumable Replacement Parts
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Product Description

Select from complete offering of Cebora® welding and plasma cutting machines & consumables.

Cebora® Plasma Torches & Parts
Cebora® P30, CP-40, P50, P70, P90/CP-95C, CB 100, P150/CP160 style plasma torches are original equipment on Cebora®, Centurty®, Solar®, Daytona Mig, Harbor Freight®, Chicago Electric® Marquette® and others.
Cebora 1247 MIG Gun for Art. 488 Models (10')
Replacement MIG gun for Marquette® M12190, M12184, M12184, M12208: 247008 Century® 334-634-000, NAPA® 83-318, 83-327, 83-390 & Solar® model MIG welders.
Cebora 1559.01 MIG Gun for Art. 494 Models (10')
Premium quality, direct-connect replacement MIG gun for Cebora® MIG welders sold as Pro Spot PR-155, NAPA® and other brands.
1527 Cebora Replacement MIG Gun (8.5')
Replacement MIG welding torch 1527 Cebora® style on Snap-on MIG110 & MB120A, Astro®, Daytona Pocketmig 883, Daytona Pocket Turbo 886, Century® 334-633-000, Marquette® M15591, Matco® WFW12179 and Napa® 83-363, 83-317 MIG welders.
1242 Cebora Compact MIG Gun - Euro Type Connection (10')
Replacement MIG gun for Cebora® model 285, 543, 576, 577, 579, 583, 591 & 593 machines.
Cebora 172, Schumacher 180 Turbo SIP MIG Gun (10')
Cebora® 172, Schumacher® 180 Turbo SIP® replacement MIG gun.
1467 Cebora MIG Gun - Euro Type Connection (10')
Replacement MIG gun for Cebora® model 572, 573, 574, 575, 577 & 591 machines.
Cebora 140A MIG Welding Gun 848 (8.5')
Replacement MIG 140 welding gun for Astro®, Cebora®, DaytonaMig and Pocket MIG welders.
Contact Tips Panasonic, OTC, Tokin & Cebora CuCrZr (5-Packs)
Premium quality CuCrZr contact tips for OTC®, Panasonic®, Tokin® and Cebora® style mig guns for long life with all wire alloys.
Cebora 1838 MIG Nozzle 13.5mm Panasonic A18001 Style (1-Pack)
Premium quality brass gas nozzle 13.5mm for Cebora®, Panasonic® & Snap-on MIG guns.
Cebora 2003 Push-Pull MIG Gun Consumables (Snap-on MIG225Ai)
Premium quality replacement consumable parts for Cebora 2003 push-pull MIG gun supplied on Snap-on MIG225Ai MIG welders.