MAG-Power® Portable AC/DC Inverter TIG Welder
150 Amp Output  *  3/16" Max Capacity
Welds Aluminum & Steel Alloys
Complete TIG Package w/ Foot Pedal Control
Free Shipping to 48 Continental States*
Tig Welder 150 Amp AC/DC Inverter MAG-Power® (230VAC)
Tig Welder 150 Amp AC/DC Inverter MAG-Power® (230VAC)
Item# MAG-TG1710
Regular price: $5,244.75
Welding Direct Price $4,567.50

Product Description

This compact AC/DC Inverter TIG welder with FREE shipping produces 155 Amps of output power and is perfect for welding aluminum and steel alloys from #24 Ga. to 1/4" found in automotive and light-industrial applications. Inverter design provides for portability (weighs 27 Lbs.) and infinitely adjustable smooth power operation.

Attach the electrode holder and weld thicker metals using 3/32" & 1/8" electrodes. lift-arc or high-frequency start, power slope up & down, output frequncy & power, pre & post gas time are all independantly adjustable by the operator.

Unit is furnished with preloaded programs for most standard steel & aluminum alloys and can store customer specific programs as well.

Package includes: inverter power source, SR17 Tig torch with 12' cable assembly, foot pedal control, work clamp & cable, stick electrode holder & cable, gas regulator, AK-2 accessory kit and complete Operator instruction manual.

Input Power; 230VAC @ 19 Amps

Output Power 25VDC/VAC @ 155 Amps (max)

Dimensions: 8.7" W x 15.5" H x 18.0" D

Machine Weight 27 lbs.

* Free shipping of TG1710 package, Cart and/or Helmet when purchased together on a single order for single shipment.


8201 Welding Cart MIG, TIG & Plasma Professional
This heavy-duty all-steel construction portable machine cart is similar to Astro® 8201, Astro® 8202, Clarke® WE7000A, Firepower® 1444-0407, Miller® 300026 and Snap On MIGCARTA models and is perfect for all types of portable MIG, TIG and PLASMA machines.

Cart comes complete with open front machine shelf, (No lip to block machine), middle storage shelf, front swivel casters, solid rear axel with steel hub solid rubber wheels, dual gun hooks, dual cylinder chains and welded base shelf with gas cylinder extension for gas cylinders.

Sold individually, Some assembly required.

Machine Shelf: 11.00"W X 18.00"D Bottom Shelf: 11.00" X 30.00"
Regular price: $125.95
Welding Direct Price $76.13
8201 Welding Cart MIG, TIG & Plasma Professional 590_8201