Chicago Electric® Welders by Harbor Freight
Welding & Plasma Torches and Consumable Replacement Parts
Chicago Electric By Habor Freight Welding & Plasma Torches and Consumable Replacement Parts
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Product Description

Select from complete offering of replacement torch consumables for Chicago Electric® Welders by Harbor Freight.

These machines have been supplied to Harbor Freight by MANY different manufacturers in Italy and, more recently China, so be careful to identify the item your require and feel free to email with your questions and photo to be certain you will receive a matching part.

All Welding Direct consumables meet or EXCEED Chicago Electric® original equipment quality.

Mig Welder 130 Amp by MAG-Power® (115VAC)
Portable 115-volt MG138 MIG welder compare to Astro®:, Chicago Electric®, Clarke®, DaytonaMig, HTP®, Harbor Freight®, Firepower®, Northern Tool®, Schumacher® and Sears®
Plasma Cutter 40 Amp Mag-Power® Professional (110-230VAC)
This portable but powerful 40-Amp plasma cutter comes ready to cut up to 1/2" material on either 120 or 230 volt input power.
Chicago Electric® Plasma Torches -  Harbor Freight® - Speedway®
Complete offering for Harbor Freight plasma cutters sold under the Chicago Electric 92652 and Speedway brand.
NM13A Nu-Tec MIG Gun Binzel MB13AK Style (180 Amp)
NM13A replacement mig gun for Cebora®, CEM®, Century®, Chicago Electric®, Clarke®, DAN-MIG, DaytonaMig®, HTP®, Harbor Freight®, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Miller® (GA-16C), Schumacher®, Sip®, Silver-Beauty®, Snap On, Solar® and many other mig welders.
NM14A Nu-Tec MIG Gun GVIH (180 Amp)
14A style gas-valve-in-handle gun for selected CEM®, Cebora®, Century®, Chicago Electric®, DanMig, DaytonaMig®, HTP®, Harbor Freight®, Marquette®, Schumacher® 90201, Silver-Beauty®, SIP® MigMate 130, Solar® and other systems without gas solenoid valve.
Tweco MiniMig Style Universal Replacement Mig Guns (8')
Tweco® MiniMig style replacement MIG guns for ATD®, Cemont®, Clarke® Campbell-Hausfeld®, Chicago-Electric®, Central Purchasing®, Craftsman®, Firepower®, Helvi®, Matco®, Sears®, Schumacher®, PowerArc®, Westward® and others.
Tweco MiniMig Style Replecement Mig Guns (10')
Tweco® Minimig replacement guns for Campbell-Hausfeld®, Century®, Chicago-Electric®, Clarke®, Craftsman®, Dan-Mig, Eastwood®, Firepower®, HTP®, Helvi®, Lincoln®, Sears®, Sip®, Snap On, Solar®, Titan®, Vaper® and other imports.
Silver-Beauty Style Replacement Mig Guns  (180 Amp)
Direct-connect replacement MIG guns for Silver-Beauty™ 90090, 90100, 90130, 90769, 90131, 90200 and 90201 model Triple-A Specialty welders.
NM14K Nu-Tec MIG Gun (160 Amp)
14K compact mig gun found on Astro®, CEM®, Cemont®, Chicago Electric®, DaytonaMig®, K-ARC®, Schumacher® Turbo & EZ-Flux, Sip®, Solar® and other systems with gas solenoid valve.
16880 CEM® Mig Gun Replacement(10')
Premium quality direct connect CEM® style replacement Mig gun rated to 180 amps.
NM15 Nu-Tec MIG Gun Binzel MB15AK Style (180 Amp)
NM15 mig gun made by Nu-Tecsys® is direct replacement for Cebora®, CEM®, Century®, Clarke®, Cormwell®, DAN-MIG, Daytona®, HTP®, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Miller®, Schumacher®, Sip®, Solar®, Snap On and other mig welders.
NM25 Nu-Tec MIG Gun Binzel MB25AK Style (250 Amp)
Most compact 250 amp industrial duty MIG gun available with one-piece brass neck and spring-connect nozzle offers superior cooling and extended performance life.
NM25 Nu-Tec "Flex-Neck" MIG Gun Binzel MB25AK Style (250 Amp)
25A industrial duty "Flex-Neck" MIG gun available with one-piece brass neck and spring-connect nozzle offers superior cooling and extended performance life.
MIG Guns Portable & Import Machines
Mig guns for Chicago Electric®, Cebora®, Century®, Clarke®, Craftsman®, Dayton®, Firepower®, HTP®, Helvi®, Marquette®, PowerArc®, SIP®, Schumacher®, Sears®, Solar®, Snap On, Telwin® and Others.
Contact Tips Nu-Tec & Binzel 13A / 14A / 15A / 23A / 24A Style (M6 X 25mm)
Premium quality Binzel® style contact tips are original equipment on Nu-Tec® 13-15, Miller® GA-16C, Hobart®, ATD®, Astro®, Auto-Arc®, Campbell-Hausfeld®, Cemont®, Century®, Cebora®, Chicago Electric® 10023, 10303, 10035, Cornwell®, DAN-MIG, Daytonamig®, HTP®, Snap On, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Napa®, Schumacher®, SIP® and MIG guns
Chicago Electric® / CEM® / Cemont®  Mig Plug
Mig adaptor plug for Chicago Electric® / CEM® / Cemont® welding systems.
Lincoln® & Tweco® Mig Guns & Consumable Parts
Select from a complete offering of Lincoln® & Tweco® style Mig guns, Tig torches, plasma torches & consumable torch parts.