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Mag-Power® MP48LCD Portable Plasma Cutter
Dual Voltage 110-230VAC w/NEMA6-50P plug & NEMA5-15P Jumper
1/2" Genuine Cut @ 230VAC with 40% Duty Cycle
1/4" Genuine Cut @ 115VAC with 90% Duty Cycle
Plasma Cutter 40 Amp Mag-Power® Professional (110-230VAC)
Plasma Cutter 40 Amp Mag-Power® Professional (110-230VAC)
Regular price: $1,800.00
Welding Direct Price $1,399.00

Product Description

The Mag-Power® MP48 is the most reliable and economical 40 amp plasma cutter on the market today. This new machine features Power factor correction (PFC) circuit allowing for input voltage from 90-277VAC, adjustable output power from 10 - 40 amps, diagnostic LED indicator lamps all on LCD display and ~5 micron air filter/dryer/regulator (no need for expensive external filter) as standard equipment. The secret to the MAG-Power machine is the light-weight but powerful inverter power supply. Easily cuts through all alloy steels, aluminum, brass and copper.

Comes complete with 13 foot Nu-Tec® NPT48 torch and work cable assembly, NEMA6-50P power cord, 1/4" NPT air line fitting, operators manual and spare cutting tips & electrodes.

3-year factory warranty

Weight: 24 lbs / FREE Shipping Continental U.S.


NPT45 & NPT48 Nu-Tec® Plasma Cutting Torch & Consumable Parts
The Nu-Tec® NPT45 & NPT48 plasma torch is standard equipment on Mac Tools® PCA48, Matco Tools® MA48, H&S Autoshot® HSW-6004, MAG-Power®, SIP® I25P & I45P and Cemont® CPT800 SHARP 10KT plasma cutting systems from 20 - 50 Amp.

Interchageable consumables with Trafimet® S25, S35 & S45 plasma torches. MADE IN ITALY - NOT IN CHINA

This compact cutting torch can be fitted to any pilot-arc ignition plasma cutter from 12 - 50 Amps.

NOTICE: Torch head and handle on Nu-Tec® NPT45 and Trafimet® S25/45 torches are directly interchangeable.
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NPT45 & NPT48 Nu-Tec® Plasma Cutting Torch & Consumable Parts NPT45
MIG Welding Cart MIG, TIG & Plasma Professional
This heavy-duty all-steel construction portable machine cart is a PREMIUM REPLACEMENT for Astro® 8201, Astro® 8202, Clarke® WE7000A, Eastwood® 12236 / 20232, Firepower® 1444-0407, Miller® 300026 and Snap On MIGCARTA models.

This is the HEAVY-DUTY model that won't "sway-in-the-wind" and get stuck in every crack on the shop floor!! Supports "longer" inverter machines and full-size 120CF cylinder!!!

Machine cart features 22" DEEP (for inverter machines) open front shelf, (No lip to block machine), middle storage shelf, front swivel casters with ball bearing hub, solid rear axel with steel hub solid rubber wheels & needle bearings, dual gun hooks, cylinder chains and welded base shelf with extension for gas cylinder.

Dimensions: 11"W X 30" D X 27"H (Top Shelf: 11"W X 22"D) Weight: 32 Lbs.

Sold individually, Some assembly required.
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
MIG Welding Cart MIG, TIG & Plasma Professional 590_0004