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Schumacher® Mig Guns & Consumables

Replacement mig guns and consumable parts are direct replacements for original equipment on Schumacher® mig welding systems.

Schumacher® Replacement Mig Guns

006N0037 NM14K Flux-Cored (Gasless) MIG Gun (8')006N0037 NM14K Flux-Cored (Gasless) MIG Gun (8')'NO GAS'(Flux-Cored Wire) gun for Schumacher® EasyFlux 90775, Sip® Handymate 06500 and and many other imported models.

Silver-Beauty Style Replacement Mig Guns  (180 Amp)Silver-Beauty Style Replacement Mig Guns (180 Amp)Direct-connect replacement MIG guns for Silver-Beauty™ 90090, 90100, 90130, 90769, 90131, 90200 and 90201 model Triple-A Specialty welders.

93180 & 93300 Schumacher Mig Gun for 180 & 250 Amp Systems  (10')93180 & 93300 Schumacher Mig Gun for 180 & 250 Amp Systems (10')Direct-connect replacement mig gun and consumables for Schumacher® 180 & 250 amp systems.

11-23 Tweco .023" Contact Tip 1110-1100 (10-Pack)11-23 Tweco .023" Contact Tip 1110-1100 (10-Pack)Standard .023" contact tip Tweco® 1123, Craftsman®, Lincoln®, Firepower®, Clarke®, Eastwood®, Marquette®, Schumacher®, Snap-On® style for Tweco® style guns.

11-30 Tweco .030" Contact Tip 1110-1101 (10-Pack)11-30 Tweco .030" Contact Tip 1110-1101 (10-Pack)Standard .030" contact tip 11-30 Tweco®, Craftsman®, Clarke®, Eastwood®, Lincoln®, Firepower®, Schumacher®, Marquette®, Snap-On® style for Tweco® style guns.

11-35 Tweco .035" Contact Tip 1110-1102 (10-Pack)11-35 Tweco .035" Contact Tip 1110-1102 (10-Pack)Standard .035" contact tip Tweco® 11-35 (1110-1102), Craftsman® 2300005020, Clarke® WE6625, Lincoln® KP11-35 / S19726-3, Firepower® 1444-0027 (FP11-35), Schumacher® 93535, Marquette® M15524, Snap-On® CEN4311 style.

35-50 Tweco Gas Diffuser 1500-1100  (1-Pack)35-50 Tweco Gas Diffuser 1500-1100 (1-Pack)Premium quality standard gas diffuser for Tweco® Minimig™ style mig guns.

21-37 Tweco 3/8" MIG Nozzle 1210-1100 (1-pack)21-37 Tweco 3/8" MIG Nozzle 1210-1100 (1-pack)Standard 3/8" gas nozzle for Tweco®, Lincoln Magnum® 100L, Schumacher® 93537 style mig guns.

21-50 Tweco 1/2" MIG Nozzle 1210-1110 (1-pack)21-50 Tweco 1/2" MIG Nozzle 1210-1110 (1-pack)Standard 1/2" Tweco® #1 MinMig style nozzle for ATD®, Clarke®, Craftsman®, Eastwood®, HTP®, Helvi®, Lincoln®, Firepower® and Schumacher® and many import mig machines.

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