Mag-Power® MP38 Portable Plasma Cutter
230-Volts  *  40% Duty-Cycle * 1/4" Genuine Cut
Plasma Cutter 30 Amp Mag-Power® Professional (230VAC)
Plasma Cutter 30 Amp Mag-Power® Professional (230VAC)
Item# MAG-MP38
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Product Description

Plasma Cutter 30 Amp Mag-Power® Professional (230VAC)
The Mag-Power® MP38 is the most reliable and economical 30 amp plasma cutter on the market today. This new machine features adjustable output power from 5 - 28 amps, diagnostic LED indicator lamps and ~5 micron air filter/dryer/regulator (no need for expensive external filter) as standard equipment. The secret to the MAG-Power machine is the light-weight but powerful inverter power supply. Easily cuts through mild steels found on steel joists, HVAC ducts, electrical enclosures, re-bar, steel pipes and metal roofing. Additionally, it slices effortlessly around radiuses and narrow channels on aluminum siding and copper flashing or gutters. Works on stainless and galvanized steels with no discoloration.

Comes complete with 13 foot Nu-Tec® NPT40 torch and work cable assembly, 8' UL power cord, 1/4" NPT air line fitting, operators manual and spare cutting tips & electrodes. And, because it it built right here in the USA, consumable and spare parts are always available.

1-year limited warranty / MADE IN U.S.A.

Weight: 24 lbs / FREE Shipping Continental U.S.