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Replacement Parts For PCH-10 & PCH-25 
Thermal Dynamics® Plasma Torches

Replacement Parts For PCH-10 & PCH-25 Thermal Dynamics® Style Torches

PCH-10 & PCH-25 Plasma Parts

9-6006 Electrode Standard Thermal Dynamics (5-Pack)9-6006 Electrode Standard Thermal Dynamics (5-Pack)Standard electrode for PCH-10, PCH-20, PCH-25 & "old style" PCH-35 plasma torches.

Elsewhere: $ 37.50
Welding Direct Price: $ 28.50
9-6099  Cutting Tip 20 Amp (10-Pack)9-6099 Cutting Tip 20 Amp (10-Pack)Standard 20 amp cutting tips for PCH-10 plasma torches.

Elsewhere: $ 62.36
Welding Direct Price: $ 43.50
9-4476  Cutting Tip 25 Amp (10-Pack)9-4476 Cutting Tip 25 Amp (10-Pack)Standard 25 amp cutting tips for PCH-25 plasma torches.

Elsewhere: $ 56.65
Welding Direct Price: $ 43.50
9-6007 Gas Distributor (1-Pack)9-6007 Gas Distributor (1-Pack)Gas Distributor for PCH-10, PCH-25 & PCH-35 plasma torches with 9-6006 electrode.

Elsewhere: $ 11.95
Welding Direct Price: $ 8.68
9-6003 Shield Cup Thermal Dynamics (1-Pack)9-6003 Shield Cup Thermal Dynamics (1-Pack)Heavy-duty shield cup for PCH/M10-42 style plasma torches.

Elsewhere: $ 35.77
Welding Direct Price: $ 31.20
9-6503 Heat Shield Deflector Cap (1-Pack)9-6503 Heat Shield Deflector Cap (1-Pack)Deflector metal shield fits over 9-6003 shield cap to protect against heat damage.

Elsewhere: $ 7.62
Welding Direct Price: $ 6.96
9-6004 Heat Shield Crown Cap (1-Pack)9-6004 Heat Shield Crown Cap (1-Pack)Crown shield fits over 9-6003 shield cup to protect against heat damage and set stand-off.

Elsewhere: $ 32.12
Welding Direct Price: $ 25.69
9-5636 PCH Handle Thermal Dynamics Style (1-Pack) 9-5636 PCH Handle Thermal Dynamics Style (1-Pack) Universal plasma torch handle Thermal Dynamics® 9-0019 / 9-6282 / 9-6291 / 8-8405 / 9-8059 / 9-5636 and Lincoln® PCT-60 style.

Elsewhere: $ 36.00
Welding Direct Price: $ 21.95

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