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Swan Neck 15A Binzel® Style (1-Pack)
Binzel® 002.0009
Nu-Tec® 002N0009
Miller® 110795 GA-16C
Snap-on CKSB7123370
NM15 Nu-Tec 002N0009 Swan Neck Miller 110795 (1-Pack)
NM15 Nu-Tec 002N0009 Swan Neck Miller 110795 (1-Pack)
Item# 002N0009
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Product Description

Premium quality solid brass replacement swan neck 15A Binzel® 002.0009, Nu-Tec® 002N0009, Miller® 110795 GA-16C and Snap-on CKSB7123370 style.

Complete swan neck assembly with tip holder & nozzle retaining spring with brass hex base. SELECT required replacement neck from list. NOTE: These are swan necks for Nu-Tec® MIG guns only and will not interchange with all OEM versions.