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Nu-Tec® 145N0031 Spot Weld Gas Nozzle 14K
Binzel® 145.0031
Marquette® M15599
Clarke® 100E
HTP® 14006B
K-ARCŪ 100
Schumacher® Turbo & Ez-Flux
1 per package
Nu-Tec 145N0031 Nozzle 14K Spot-Weld (1-Pack)
Nu-Tec 145N0031 Nozzle 14K Spot-Weld (1-Pack)
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Product Description

Premium quality 1/2" spot-weld gas nozzle Nu-Tec® 145N0031, Marquette® M15599, Clarke 100E, HTP® 14006B, K-ARCŪ, Schumacher® Turbo & Ez-Flux, K-arc SIP® style for all 14K MIG guns.