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Plasma Stand-Off Spacer
Binzel: 743.0168(2-Leg) 743.0127(8-Leg)
Nu-Tecsys: 710.0125(2-Leg) 710.0025 (8-Leg) 
2 Spacer per Package
Stand-Off Spacer Binzel (2-Pack)
Stand-Off Spacer Binzel (2-Pack)
Item# 710_0_25
Regular price: $19.85
Welding Direct Price $16.46

Product Description

Standoff spacers Binzel 743.0168 & 743.0127 or Nu-Tecsys 710.0125 & 710.0025 insure optimim cutting performance and extended cutting tip life.

Standard packaging 2 pcs. per pack.