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Dynaflux® VH1000 Water / Coolant Circulator
2 Gallon Capacity  /  8,600 BTU
MIG/TIG Welding Torches to 300 Amps
Compact Vertical or Horizontal Operation
9" X 9" X 26" Dimensions / 33 Lbs. Ship Weight 
Dynaflux® VH1000 Water Cooler TIG Welding (2 Gallon)
Dynaflux® VH1000 Water Cooler TIG Welding (2 Gallon)
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Product Description

Dynaflux® VH1000 Water Cooler TIG Welding (2 Gallon)
Save Space and Money! This Dynaflux® VH1000 coolant circulator operates in both vertical or horizontal position can be installed almost anywhere. The vertical footprint is only 9" x 9" and only 26" tall. Factory pressure setting is 1.8 gpm, @ 50 psi, adjustable to 100 psi. Weight 33 lbs. Dynaflux M3000 1/3 hp Motor, Current Draw 5.0 Amps @115v./2.5 Amps @230v.

Rugged polyethelyene cover and tank will not dent, crack or corrode. Standard features: 5/8" LH connectors, visible coolant flow/coolant level sight glass and thermal overload protection.

Suitable for MIG & TIG Welding to 300 amps, Plasma Cutting to 250 amps, Resistance Welders to 50 KVA. 1-Yr Manufacturer's Warranty.