Premium "M" Outside Corner Staples
Stainless Steel with scored break-off legs
100 Pieces per package
UNI-8010 H&S Autoshot "M" Outside Corner Staples (100-Pack)
UNI-8010 H&S Autoshot "M" Outside Corner Staples (100-Pack)
Item# UNI-8010
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Product Description

Premium quality UNI-8010 hot stapler M-clip plastic welder staples made of 0.8mm (1/32") diameter stainless steel w/ V-score break away groove.

M-clip style is for outside corner repairs in all materials and especially good in high vibration applications. All hot staples feature V-score groove at base of leg for clean and easy break off BELOW the repaired surface. Once in place, just use the custom melt knife attachment to re-flow existing material over the staple, imbedding it into the core of the repaired part.

100 staples per package.