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H&S Autoshot® UNI-6720 Self-Piercing Rivet Kit
Assorted Self-Piercing Rivets For Non-Structural Applications
300-Piece Kit
H&S Autoshot UNI-6720 Self-Piercing Rivet Kit (300-Piece)
H&S Autoshot UNI-6720 Self-Piercing Rivet Kit (300-Piece)
Item# UNI-6720
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Product Description

Premium quality self-piercing rivet kit, H&S Autoshot® UNI-6720, includes 300 pieces of assorted self-piercing rivets (SPR) for non-structural applications.

The 300 piece kit includes the following rivets: UNI-6733: 3.3mm X 3.5mm, UNI-6734: 3.3mm X 4.0mm, UNI-6754: 5.3mm X 4.0mm, UNI-6755: 5.3mm X 5.0mm, UNI-6756: 5.3mm X 6.0mm & UNI-6757: 5.3mm X 7.0mm in a plastic storage case.

One kit per package.