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Stand-Off Spacer NPT40 & S45 Torches
Nu-Tec: 907N0010
Trafimet® CV0010
Firepower® 1445-1904
Nu-Tec 907N0010 Stand-Off Spacer / Trafimet CV0010 (1-Pack)
Nu-Tec 907N0010 Stand-Off Spacer / Trafimet CV0010 (1-Pack)
Item# 907N0010
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Product Description

Stand-off spacer Nu-Tec 907N0010 & Trafimet CV0010 designed for use on the NPT40 and SP45 torches at cutting amperages of 40 Amps or higher with standard nozzle. This attachment provides the correct tip to work distance for optimum cutting and tip cooling performance. Sold as Firepower® 1445-1904.

Provides extended life for "standard" tip and electrode at higher power. Not required with "extended" tips and electrodes.