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MIG (GMAW) welding is a great process for those of us who may be new to welding. MIG welding creates an arc between the consumable electrode and the item being welded. The operator simply needs to direct the MIG gun at the welding joint. With a bit of practice and the right equipment, learning to weld is made easy.

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MIG Guns Fume Extraction Binzel® / Nu-Tec® / TBI® Style
Select from the complete offering of these high performance, light weight, fume extraction or smoke removal mig guns designed with the welders safety and comfort in mind. Special features include: Ergonomic handle with maximum air flow capacity, "sealed" trigger for long-life, adjustable suction ring to control vacuum draw, direct machine connect suction hose & power cable assembly.
H&S Autoshot® Spot Weld Dent Pulling Machines and Accesories
Time saving / money making spot welding and hot stapler plastic repair systems for Automotive and light Industrial applications
Robotic Mig Guns BinzelŪ / Nu-TecŪ / TBIŪ Style Tungsten, Electrodes, Grinders & Rod Ovens
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Select from WeldingDirect.com's complete offering of Helmet Lenes, Welding Gloves, Welding Jackets, Welding Blankets and safety gear.
Technical Information - Mig, Tig & Plasma Products8201 Welding Cart MIG, TIG & Plasma Professional
Heavy-duty machine cart is perfect for all types of portable MIG, TIG and PLASMA machines.
Regular price: $125.95
Welding Direct Price $76.13