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Dynaflux&#174  HTR500S Heat Tint Removal System W/ Spoon Applicator
Dynaflux® HTR500S weld heat stain system removes blue welding heat tint stain from stainless steel with a spoon applicator.
Regular price: $1,395.00
Welding Direct Price $985.95
Tig Torch Accessory Kits
Each kit includes an assortment of Collets, Collet Bodies, Alumina Cups, Tungsten Electrodes and Back Caps where necessary.
TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes Technical Properties
Tungsten electrode selection parameters based on international color codes and ANSI/AWS & European ISO 6848 standards for quality and performance.
Dynaflux DF 600-6 ChemSharp Tungsten Sharpening Pointing Powder (4.5 oz)
Pointing powder for tungsten electrodes uses the TIG torch as a heat source to sharpen electrodes.
Regular price: $16.00
Welding Direct Price $12.75
Filler Wire 36" Cut Lengths