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Victor® GF150 & Harris® 301-100-580 Style Regulator 
Flowgauge Single Stage For Argon, Co2 Inert Gas
5/8-18RHT "B" Female Output
Dual Gauges Show Tank Volume & Flow Rate
CGA580 Input / 3000 PSI (max.)  / 0 - 50CFH
Victor GF150 & Harris 301 Style Flowgauge Regulator (1-Pack)
Victor GF150 & Harris 301 Style Flowgauge Regulator (1-Pack)
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Product Description

This industrial duty solid brass AR/Co2 welding gas regulator, Victor® GF150 & Harris® 301-100-580 style, provides accurate regulation of both Argon and/or Co2 shielding gas and cylinder tank volume.

Large 2" diamater gauges for easy reading of tank pressure and flow rate. 0-50 cfh, Argon or Carbon Dioxide(Co2) flow. Body machined from class "A" bar stock. Internal safety pressure relief design. Large adjustment knob for "light touch" flow settings. Sintered bronze inlet filter. CGA 580 inlet connection & 5/8-18RHT outlet fittings are standard.

SEE 721.6550 Mini-Adaptor for 3/16"(4mm) gas hose fitting.