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More and more Aluminum fabrication is taking place every day. The need for lighter weight products is everywhere; automotive, truck makers, shipping, railroad, farm and home.

The problem is, welding thin aluminum with a standard Mig welding gun is a job that ranges from "Very Difficult" to "Impossible". Not to worry though, you can easily solve this problem by equipping your Mig welder with a Spool Gun or PULL-MIG system!

SPOOL GUNS allow easy movement around your project and let you weld at a distance from the power supply. The welding wire is held on a 4" diamater spool at the welding gun handle and assures smooth wire feed. Our spool guns come with 20' cable assembly. Welding power ratings up to 250 amps and can feed .023"-3/64" aluminum, steel or stainless wire. Kits are easy to install, usually taking less than 15 minutes.

PULL-MIG GUNS can be installed on ANY EXISTING WIRE FEEDER. There is no need to purchase other new equipment! Use your existing Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, Esab or other brand feeder with the Pull-Mig system. In addition to allowing easy movement around the work area, with PULL-MIGS you can use larger spools of wire which reduces the total cost per pound.

PULL-MIG GUNS are designed for heavy duty applications or high production work with Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Mild Steel where extended cable length is a benefit or when welding with a conventional welding gun is impossible.

Complete PULL-MIG System Kits are supplied with: welding gun and cable, wire feeder adaptor kit, power control module and full operating instructions.