TIG Welding Machines, Foot Pedal & Finger Tip Controls
Great Deals on MAG-Power® and Cebora® Tig Welding Systems
Tig Welder 150 Amp DC Inverter MAG-Power® (230VAC)
Professional DC Tig welding system for all types of alloy steel. Produces 150 Amps of power weighing only 18 lbs.
Tig Welder 200 Amp AC/DC Pulse Inverter MAG-Power® (115-230VAC)
Professional AC/DC Pulse Tig welding system for all types of alloy steels and aluminum. Produces 200 Amps of power weighing only 27 lbs
Accessory Kits for Tig Torches
All Tig torch kits, AK-1, AK-1A, AK-2, AK-3, AK-4, AK-4A, AK-5, AK-6, AK-7 are Nu-Tec® Systems brand, with over 20 years of industrial welding torch experience, of the highest quality components with the highest industrial power ratings available.
Foot Pedal Remote Controls for TIG Welders (WeldingDirect.Com)
Heavy-duty foot control provides "On/Off" and amperage control for the TIG welding arc.
TIG Torch Handles, Clip-On Switches & Slide Controls
Nu-Tec® TIG torch handles, Clip-On Switches & Slide Controls.
Amptrak Remote TIG Control & Clip-On Triggers CK Worldwide
Add the convenience of a CK Amptrak remote amperage or clip-on trigger control to the handle of your TIG torch.
Electrode Holder 200, 400 & 500 Amp
These heavy-duty electrode holders are fully insulated to protect against electrical shock and have strong clamping jaws to hold the electrode tight so it will not slip while welding. The jaws are designed to allow seven different electrode positions.
02290 Steiner Professional Goat Skin TIG Welding Gloves
Super comfortable TIG welders gloves made of fine, soft, flexible, natural skin with safety cuff.
Tungsten Electrode Rod for TIG Welding
Tungsten Electrode, Rod, Pointing Powder, Grinders, Ovens, Storage Boxes and Accessories
DF 600 Dynaflux Chem Sharp Tungsten Sharpening Pointing Powder (4.5 oz)
Sharpens Tungstens without Grinding, Splintering, Flat Spots or Ridges. Pointing Tungsten electrodes using the Tig torch as a heat source.
HTR500 Dynaflux®  Electro-Chem Heat Tint Removal System (Dynaflux®  HTR121S)
Easily eliminates heat discoloration from welded areas on stainless steel. System includes power supply, applicator wand, ground clamp & HTR120 solution. (Replaces Dynaflux® HTR121S)