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WC00 Welding Cable AWG #2/0 (70mm/2)
Stranded Copper / 600-Volt / Class K
Flexible EPDM-HD Oil-Resistant Black Jacket
Sold by the Foot
WC00 Welding Cable AWG #2/0 (70mm/2)
WC00 Welding Cable AWG #2/0 (70mm/2)
Item# 199_0070
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Product Description

WC00 Welding Cable AWG #2/0 (70mm/2) size is stranded copper design with 600-volt, Class K rating featuring flexible EPDM-HD oil-resistant black jacket construction for maximum life in the most harsh environments.

Continuous operating amperage of ~400 in general welding applications.

Cable is sold bulk packed by the foot.