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MIG Welding Wire, ER120S-G .030" (0.8mm) 11 Lbs.
High Strength Steel w/ Tensile strength 140,000 PSI (980+ MPA)  
Bohler Union® X96, 
Bosch® DS980J, 
Eagle-Arc®  980X, 
Pro Spot®  50-7040
Titan Technology®  EQ-5029X96
Honda's ProFirst and conforms to AWS A5.28
MIG Welding Wire, ER120S-G .030" High Strength Steel 980MPA
MIG Welding Wire, ER120S-G .030" High Strength Steel 980MPA
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Product Description

Premium high strength steel (HSS) MIG welding wire, ER120S-G alloy .030" (0.8mm) diameter is commonly used for specialty automotive repair. It is an Italian-made wire that is an excellent alternative to Bohler Union X96, Bosch DS980J, Eagle-Arc 980X, Pro Spot 50-7040 and Titan Technology EQ-5029X96. ER120S-G meets American Honda's ProFirst Collision Repair Facility requirements for welding on high strength steel.

ER120S-G is specifically designed for welding high strength steel joints of 590 MPA or higher. It has high levels of nickel, manganese, silicon and molybdenum for excellent welding results on critical high-stress, fine grained applications. ER120S-G has a tensile strength of 140,000 PSI (980+ MPA) and conforms to AWS A5.28 ER120S-G.

This product requires a shielding gas Co2, Argon or Argon/Co2 mix.

Available in 8" Spools