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-----Direct Connection Mig Guns-----
------No Adapter Kit necessary------
Available For Most Mig Welding Systems
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Mig Gun Adaptor Plugs Selection
Mig Gun Adaptor Plugs Selection
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Product Description

We supply Mig Guns with Direct Connection rear ends for most welders made world wide. These back ends are available for all styles of air cooled, and some water cooled guns, on our Mig Guns page. You will see the available choices listed on this page.

Match your welding gun back end with those listed on this page. Select carefully, as there may be some similarities between different models. If in doubt, contact us for additional details.

Write selection in "Comments" section of order and feel free to attached photos of old guns plug & connects for our reference.

Euro-Connect Mig Plug
Universal standard Mig gun machine connect for all European, and many U.S. manufactured, mig machines rated from 180 - 500 Amps.
079878 Miller 227800 Cord Assembly w/ 079532 Connector for Trigger
Plug & cord assembly for Miller MIG gun triggers includes 2-pins with 12" lead wires to control trigger.
Miller® M-100 & M-150 Millermatic Mig Plug (248 / 249 Series)
Machine adaptor plug for M-100 & M-150 Miller® guns found on later Millermatic™ 140/180/180HD/200/211 & 212 Auto-Set Machines.
Miller® M15-M40 Millermatic Mig Plug (169 Series)
Mig adaptor plug for Miller® Cricket, Cricket XL, Challenger, Sidekick, Sidekick XL, Millermatic 90, 120, 130, 135, 150, 175, 185, 210, 250,250X, 251, 300, Pulser & Vintage. Millermatic 35, 22, 62, 72, 74 series feeders. All S21E, S22A, S32, Super 32 & 50, 60, 72 & 74 feeders. Fits R115, 8VS & 12VS.

AutoArc® 190 & XLT270 and Hobart® Betamig 2510 Olympic VS.
Miller® 75 Series Mig Plug
Mig adaptor plug for all Miller® 75 Series feeder systems.
Lincoln-LH MIG Power Plug (Hobart & Esab)
Standard Tweco® #1-#4 style adaptor plug fits Lincoln® SP85-SP175, WeldPak 100, 100+, 125, 155. Wirematic 250 & 255. ESAB® Mobilmaster IV, DuraDrive 4tm-30/48, Migmaster 250PLUS, Thermadyne® Hefty II, Heavy Duty CC/CV, 17A & Porta Feed, Ultra/Mijit 1000, Dual 2000, 2210/2410, Digital 2000 and HMC-410; Hobart® Beta 200, 250, 251, 2000, 2400 & Ultra Feed 1000, Hefty CC/CV systems.
Lincoln® SP150 / SP200 / LN7, 8, 9, 10, 25, 42 Mig Plug
Mig adaptor plug for Lincoln® SP150 / SP200 / LN7, 8, 9, 10, 25, 42 systems.
Lincoln® LP Mig Plug
Standard adaptor plug for Lincoln® Powermig 200, 225, 255 & 300 systems.
AutoArc® 135/165XLT & Hobart 135/165 Handler
Adaptor plug for AutoArc® 135/165XLT systems and Hobart® 135/165 Handler.
Hobart® Handler Replacement Mig Gun Plug
Mig adaptor plug for Plug for Hobart® Handler 130XL / 135 / 175 systems.
Century, Solar, Snap On, Marquette & NAPA MIG Plug
MIG adaptor plug for Century® Powermate90, 160 & 225. Solar® 125, 165, 2-175, 2120 & PortaMig. Snap On FM140A, YA212, YA219C & YA205. NAPA 83-315
Marquette® Mig Plug
Marquette® , Cebora® Bravo 1559 & MB120A, MB135, MIG125 & MIG135 mig adaptor plug for selected imported portable mig welding systems.
Snap-on / Systematics MIG Power Cable Plug
Mig adaptor plug fits Systematics® MP140, 175, 230, 250 and YA212A systems.
Silver Beauty® & Schumacher® Mig Plug (1-Wire)
Mig adaptor plug for Silver Beauty® and Schumacher® single trigger wire systems.
Silver Beauty® & Schumacher® Mig Plug
Mig adaptor plug for Silver Beauty® and Schumacher® single & double trigger wire guns.
Chicago Electric®, Sip® & Schumacher® Mig Plug
Mig adaptor plugs for Sip® style machines sold under Chicago Electric®, Schumacher® and other brand names.
Dan-Mig Gun Plug
Mig adaptor plug for Equipment-Plus® / Dan-Mig® systems
Chicago Electric® / CEM® / Cemont®  Mig Plug
Mig adaptor plug for Chicago Electric® / CEM® / Cemont® welding systems.
Linde®/L-Tec® "Smashweld" Mig Adaptor
Adaptor plug for Linde®/L-Tec® "Smashweld" style mig welders models AGA200, EH8, MIG31/32, SWM20/31/39/34/37, V160 and 3-in-1.
Firepower / Helvi MIG Adaptor Plug
Brass plug for all Firepower® FP120, FP125, FP130, FP135, FP160 & FP165 models.