Miller® & Hobart® Style MIG Guns
Miller® & Hobart® Style MIG Guns
Miller® & Hobart® Style replacement MIG guns available in 10, 12 & 15 Ft. lengths with direct-connects for most MIG machines.

Miller® M10, M15, M-100, M-150 & Hobart ® H10 & H100 Style MIG Gun
Replacement MIG guns for Miller® M10/M15 & M100/150 and Hobart® H10 & H100 style.
Miller M25 & Hobart 25A Style MIG Guns
M25 Nu-Tec® MIG gun is direct replacement for most Miller® & Hobart® MIG welding torches.Replacement for Piecemaker™ 25-A.
195157R Hobart H-9B Style Mig Gun (8')
Replacement H-9B Hobart style mig gun for your Hobart Handler 125 or Handler 125 EZ MIG welder.
Hobart 245926 H100 MIG Gun Replacement (10')
Replacement MIG gun, Hobart® 245926 H100 style for Hobart® Handler® 190, 210 & 210MVP models.
Miller 110720 & Miller 119697 GA-16C Style MIG Gun (10')
This Miller® GA-16C style MIG gun made by Nu-Tecsys® with direct-connects for Miller® machines.
220356 Miller M10 & 208877 Hobart H9A Style Mig Gun (8')
Miller® / Hobart® H9A style mig gun made by Nu-Tecsys® with direct connection to Miller®, Hobart®, Autoarc® and many other wire feed machines.
110720 & 119697 Miller GA-16C "Flex-Neck" MIG Gun (10')
Replacement "Flex-Neck" gun for CEM®, Century®, Chicago Electric®, DAN-MIG, DaytonaMig®, HTP®, Mac Tools®, Matco®, Marquette®, Miller® (GA-16C), Schumacher®, Sip®, Snap On , Solar® and other mig torches.
Mig Gun Adaptor Plugs Selection
Select the mig adaptor plug for your model welding machine. Select carefully, as there may be some similarities between different models. If in doubt, contact us for additional details.
Miller & Hobart Replacement MIG Conduit Liners
These replacement liners fit Hobart® H10, Piecemaker 14A & Miller® & Auto Arc® MIG guns: M10, M15, M25, M40.
MIG Gun Euro Central Adaptor Connection Kits
MIG gun "Euro" central adaptors allow for all guns to connect to all machines in the shop. The kits are available for all manufacturer's systems.