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Firepower® Style Replacement
Contact Tips / Nozzles / Insulators
Gas Diffusers / Wire Conduits
Firepower MIG Guns & Consumable Replacement Parts
Firepower MIG Guns & Consumable Replacement Parts
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Product Description

Select from our complete offering of Firepower® style MIG/TIG welding and plasma cutting consumable parts.

Firepower Contact Tips 180A Style (10-Pack)
Contact tips suitable for use with MIG welders FP90, FP120, FP125, FP130, FP135, FP160 & FP165.
Firepower Style Contact Tips 250-400 Amp (10 Pack)
FirepowerŪ 250-amp contact tips for FP200 & FP260 Mig welders.
Firepower MIG Nozzles For 120-180 Amp Firepower MIG Guns (1-Pack)
Replacement MIG Nozzles for Firepower® FP90, FP95, FP120, FP125, FP130, FP135, FP160 & FP165 models.
MIG Nozzle Firepower 400 Amp Gun (1-Pack)
FirepowerŪ 400 amp mig gun shield gas nozzles.
Gas Diffusers & Insulators Firepower 180-400 Amp (1-Pack)
Gas diffusers and nozzle insulators for all Firepower® FP MIG welding guns.
Nozzle Insulator Firepower (1-Pack)
Gas Diffuser for Firepower® 250 & 400 amp MIG guns.
1444-0170 Firepower Wire Conduit .023"-.035" for FP200 & FP260 (15')
Replacement .023"-.035" steel wire conduit for Firepower™ FP200 & FP260 MIG welders.
Teflon wire conduit for aluminum welding with Firepower® MIG guns.