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180 Amps / 550 Amps Hand Held - Automatic - Robotic 10', 12' & 15' standard cable lengths

MIG Welding Guns (GMAW)
Whatever your application, Welding-Direct.com can supply Mig Welding Guns to suite your needs. weldingdirect.com supplies aircooled or water cooled MIG Welding Guns for Hand Held, Automatic or Robotic applications.

Welding aluminum? Spool Guns and Push-Pull systems are available. Replacement parts for Mig Welding Guns we offer are available worldwide.

NOTE: Most of the welding gun offered are available with Direct Connections for Miller® Lincoln®, Thermadyne® and Hobart® systems. Guns are shipped with tip, nozzle and liner.

Binzel® 250A "Flex-Neck" MIG Gun
The NM25 Flex-Neck is constructed of heavy duty rubber and copper braiding allowing it to reach into tight spaces and around corners with just a bend of the neck.

Great tool for auto body and exhaust system work.
Regular price: $226.80
Welding Direct Price $171.15
Mig Gun Adaptor Plugs Selection
Select the mig adaptor plug for your model welding machine. Select carefully, as there may be some similarities between different models. If in doubt, contact us for additional details.
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