TIG Collets and Collet Bodies
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TIG Collets and Collet Bodies
TIG Collets and Collet Bodies
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Product Description

Premium quality collets and collet bodies are made of pure copper and copper alloys designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

All Tig torch components are Nu-TecŪ Systems brand, with over 20 years of industrial welding torch experience, of the highest quality components with the highest industrial power ratings available.

Don't settle for some "DYI Hardware Store" brand of torch consumable when you can have professional products delivered directly to your location.

TIG Collets "10N" Standard Series (1-Pack)
10N series collets are designed for use with all #17 / #18 & #26 tig torches.
Tig Collets  "10N" Stubby Series (1-Pack)
Collets 10N22S / 10N23S / 10N24S for #17, #18 & #26 torches.
TIG Collet Body "10N" Series (1-Pack)
Collet bodies 10N28 / 10N29 / 10N30 / 10N31 / 10N32 / 406488 for #17, #18 & #26 torches.
TIG Collets 13N Standard Series (1-Pack)
Collets 13N20 / 13N21 / 13N22 / 13N23 / 13N24 for #9 & #20 torches
TIG Collets 13N Gas Lens Series (1-Pack)
Gas lens collets 13N20L / 13N21L / 13N22L / 13N23L / 13N24L for #9 & #26 torches.
TIG Collet Body "13N" Series (1-Pack)
Collet bodies 13N25 13N26 13N27 13N28 13N29 for #9 & #20 torches.
Stubby GL Collet bodies 45V0204S /45V116S / 45V64S.
TIG Collets 53N Standard and 24C332 / 24GLC332  (1-Pack)
Standard collets 53N14 / 53N15 / 53N16 / 24C332 / 24GLC332(3/32") for WP-24 Tig torches.
TIG Collet Body "53N" Series (1-Pack)
Standard collet body 53N17 / 53N18 / 53N19 / 24CB332 for WP-24 Tig torches.
Tig Collet "53N" Series Gas Lens (1-Pack)
Tig collets 53N62 / 53N63 / 53N64 used with gas lenses on the WP-24 series Tig torches
Collets "57N" Series (1-Pack)
57N47,57N49 and 57N51 are compatible with the 27 torch. Standard 1-pack
Collets "2304" Series (1-Pack)
The 2304-0088,(1/16") and 2304-0090,(3/32")are compatible with the A16HP and A35HP torches Standard 1-pack
Collet Body 105Z27 is compatible with 90HP torch. Standard 1-pack
Regular price: $13.92
Welding Direct Price $10.66
17CB20 and 17CB21 are compatible with the 17,18 and 26 torches.
TIG collets for the SR12 torch.
Collet Body 3/16" for SR18SC
Regular price: $14.22
Welding Direct Price $11.37